“Miss Angeline?” said the aging priest who raised me, giving me a look of question.

“Yes Father. Demons, destroy, save possessed person, got it,” as I propped my feet on the table in front of me. We were in the Father’s study at St. Catharine’s church. The study was huge and grand like it belonged in a magazine for estate holders.

“My dear this is our Fathers house, have a little respect for it please,” as he slowly pushed my legs off the table.

“Sorry Father.”

“You know you should have more respect for the place that took you in, besides the Archbishops will be here soon to go over your next cleansing.” He sat down in the red lounge chair across from me.

“Do you know anything about this one yet?”

“No nothing the Archbishops where very vague about this one.”

I sighed. Great every time the Archbishops say nothing is usually when I get my ass kicked. I did a Hail Mary. Cursing in the house of the Lord is wrong. One of the many things the Catholic Church grilled into my head. As I waited in the chair slouched back wearing my tight black skinny jeans with my favorite pair of combat boots and a green tank top, my long jet black hair fell in my face. I quickly pushed aside when I heard the room to the study open wide. Three white old men in red robes came forward. I quickly stood in front of my seat. The one in the middle, taller and fatter than the others spoke first. “We will be taking this to the conference room.”

The Father and I quickly got up and followed the three men to the conference room where a video was lined up waiting to be played. There’s always a video. We all took our seats at the round table. The same man who spoke before stood in the middle of the room.

“I am Archbishop Thomas Becket. With me I have Bishop John Grant and Bishop Simon Stratford. I will be presenting you this case. I will stream the video now and explain after.”

I nodded in accordance. At first it was blank but then you saw a man tied down. On the arms of the chair you can clearly see the scratches of attempted freedom carved into the wooden chair with his blood and finger nails. His face was covered and a priest was in front performing an exorcism. Nothing out of the ordinary, till the sheet flew off across the room and the man eyes started rolling back and then his eyes were gone they were replaced by the demons piercing red and black eyes. The Demon laughed in the priest face saying,

“I’m coming out Father and you’re next.”

The priest kept going forward with the exorcism then the demon did something I’ve never seen before. The man’s body he had in possession was slowly morphing into the demon himself. You can see the man skins ripping and being replaced by a much darker pigment. I’ve heard talk of demons being able to have enough power to transport over through a person’s body but never has a demon succeeded in the attempt and this demon is about to cross over into our plane. But as soon as I said that the demon’s true self started morphing back to the previous owner of the body. I took a breath of relief. The Archbishop stopped the tape.
He got up in front of the room again.

“The priest and the poor soul both lost that battle shortly after, I’m sad to say.”

I felt the pain of not being able to be there to help when I could have.

“What happened?”

“The demon was able to get free and choked the priest to death and killed his vessel. He also left this note.” He slid a piece of paper across the table to me.

Ego Ibo redire.

“I’ll return.” I said out loud.

“That’s right Miss. Angeline. The demons are starting to get restless they are becoming more bold, stronger and smarter. And clearly this one isn’t giving up.”

“Do we have a name for our demon?”

“Not yet he has yet to reveal that. But this is where you jump in. We believe if you go in like you always do you can help get us the answer on how they are advancing and hopefully physically destroy the demon. Who knows Miss Angeline maybe this is the reason God gave you such a gift for this soul purpose.”

“Cut the crap Archie no need to sugar coat me. And believe me when I say I’m tired of hearing that one whenever you guys in red robes come asking for my assistance.”

I heard Father make a small chuckle but covered it with a cough. He hates as much as I do when the Catholic Church try to sugar coat me in when it’s a battle of life or death every time, yeah no risk here at all.

“So will you help us?”

I thought about it for a second just to keep them on their toes.

“I want double pay and you got yourself a deal.”
The room lightened up for the relief of knowing they have a defense.

“So how does it work?” asked Bishop Stratford hesitantly.
He looked at me from across the table. I looked at Father and he nodded.

“Well first I prepare, usually Father blesses me and my armor.”

“Armor? You need physical armor?”

I smiled at his question only because I knew he was probably thinking a knight’s suit of armor.

“Not that kind of armor.” The Father interrupted me.

“Her armor consists of special symbols and scripture that we look up before the fight. Like profiling a killer but this is a demon. This armor also protects her against getting possessed herself as well as gives her strength, protection, and balance. It has taken years but we are finally able to find a way to vanquish a demon without the person he’s possessing to get hurt physically when she steps in the plan to fight a demon. Before whatever physical harm she gave to the demon reflected on the human vessel.”

“So how are you able to step into this dimension with the demon?”
This question brought me back to the first time I ever accidentally crossed into a demons plan. The night the Catholic Church took me in. I was ten my mother got really sick at first the doctors thought she had a very bad virus but the virus started to make her hallucinate and say things and do things we never thought possible.

That is when Father showed up. I remember this tall lanky man in his priest robes coming into my house and gave me a tender smile and reassured me I was safe. He had dark bushy eyebrows and the kindest brown eyes. Father asked the nurse to take me to my room while he goes to my mother. At the time I had no idea what was going on. So I followed the nurse to my room. She left me there, so I sat on the edge of my bed clutching the teddy bear my mother gave to me since I could remember.

That is when I heard her blood curdling screams and I ran to her room and I flung her door wide open to find a horror scene unfold in front of me. My mother was on the ceiling in the far corner bent in an unfamiliar way, screaming again and again. Father was yelling the words from his bible at the top of his lungs and his words turned to Latin and his words slipped over me like a song. And just like that the room started losing its shape things around became darker and cold that is when I heard nothing and felt nothing. I found myself in a completely different world. The Demons world and he was staring right at me.


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