She crossed the living room and sat on the couch head facing the ground. Her strawberry blonde hair falling in her face, you can clearly see the exhaustion as she took her time to find the right words to start her story. I placed my hand on her need for reassurance.

“I promise I will get your sister out of there.” She lifted her head with a confused look upon her face.


“The thing that has your sister has taken her to a different plain and is keeping her from coming back. What I will do is be able to go in between plains and get her out.”

“A different plain? Who are you people? I called the church not some supernaturals.”

” I know it’s confusing um what’s your name?” I looked to Father realizing I hadn’t gotten her name yet.


“Right Sarah. Look we are a separate branch of the church that deals with more of the severe cases but if you don’t need our help we will leave.” I grabbed my duffel bag. If it was as dire as I think, I had no time to coddle someone.

“Wait I am sorry. It’s just been a lot.” I put my bag back on the table and sat beside her.

“I know. Now tell me what happened.”

Tears began to fall down her cheeks. She looked up at Father who was handing her a tissue.

“Thank you.” Father nodded back. “Um well my father died a couple of months ago. Um it was very sudden I was in school in Boston when I got the call my dad had been killed.

Red Flag

“He had forgotten his work shoes at home so he went back and found an intruder. Apparently my dad tried to stop him because the intruder shot him in the stomach.  He bled out by the back door, when the police arrived they found him dead, the intruder was gone and there were no witnesses. The case went cold last week.” She took another breath and looked down at her hands in her lap. “My mom passed away in childbirth with Rebbecca so after my father was killed I moved out here and started taking care of Rebecca. The rest of our family was to busy to come help out so I consider it just us now, She’s all I have left. And the thing that took my sister came to me as my father asking revenge for his death. It was creepy I just knew right away that thing wasn’t my father”

I saw the shivers go down her spine as she thought of the creature that was before her earlier. I understand perfectly what she meant. Sometimes when a demon is vile enough his aura is to toxic for his own body that it starts to seep through making itself more noticeable to everyday people.

I stood up realizing the things I have no idea about when it comes to the demon in the other room.

“Sarah will you take me to Rebbecca now?”

She nodded and began to take us to Rebbecca’s room down the hall. I grabbed my bag and with Father in tow  and entered Rebbecca’s room.

Upon entering you saw Rebbecca asleep in her bed. Everything seemingly normal. Posters of boy bands and puppies were along the wall with her desk decked with pictures of friends on the mirror and cluttered knick knacks.Everything you’d expect from a young teen. Sarah stood by her sisters bed.

“Should I wake her?”

“No. With any luck the demon isn’t aware of our presence or he’s tricking you and waiting for you to check up on her.” She looked hopeless standing next to her sister. I opened my duffel bag by her dresser and pulled the restraints out of the bag and handed them to Father. Sarah very alarmed asked,

“Why do you need those?” Father stopped and looked at Sarah.

“I do apologize for the rudeness but it’s for her own safety and the restraints are padded so they shouldn’t harm her”

She nodded as Father began to fasten the restraints around her bed. I reached in my bag and pulled out a wooden box that held my protection amulets. The first amulet was a silver Solomon Seal to protect against evil attacks. I placed it on the dresser in front of me and grabbed my holy water and a cloth from my bag. After soaking the cloth I then quickly wiped my amulet coating a thin layer of holy water then put the chain around my neck. I learned the hard way that your amulets are useless if you don’t have them on so the holy water makes it impossible for demons to grab and rip it off.

Then out of the box I grabbed my silver cuffs. The silver cuffs displayed Isa or a symbol of an I representing ice. It helps increase my powers to see between worlds as well as protect me from evil and attacks. Next I took my sword out. Its blade fussed by holy monks in the Himalayan mountains and blessed by the Pope himself.  And The Prayer to the Archangel Micheal in-scripted on the blade. Given to me by Father on my 18th birthday along with the training lessons to wielding it. My best friend. I smiled brightly. As I strapped the majestic sword to my back I saw Sarah looking  at me with wide eyes. I can’t imagine what she’s thinking.

“This is for the demon not your sister. I promise.”

A little relief flashed though her face. Lastly I grabbed a belt I made, kinda like a tool belt but it held a blessed dagger also with a script of protection written on the blade. A couple of bottles of holy water and cross. Father standing over Rebbecca now with his bible open and cross in hand ready to begin.

“Sarah may I ask you to step out?”

She reluctantly stepped out the room and closed the door behind us.

I looked at Father and nodded.

“I’m ready.”


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