I lost the world I thought I came from that night. And it only took sixty seconds for my life to change forever.
As I stood on cold hard stone floor I was surrounded around a purple fog that slowly began to fade. And its eyes emerged from the fog with a red and black pulsing glow. It gave all attention to me. I clutched my home smelling teddy bear hoping this is all just a terrible nightmare and my mother will be waiting for me when I wake up. The area became clearer and I became conscious of the other shapes that started to take form in the distance, their silhouettes deformed all around me.

I felt uneasy and cold as I saw my breath in the air before me. I began to tremble as the creature started coming forth out of the shadows. Its tall hunched lanky figure started to take shape. Its skin charred as if caught in a terrible fire and its bright teeth like a great white shark. I regarded its third nipple and one leg as its step grew closer, I felt them pulsate through the floor beneath me. I kept hearing a popping sound in the distance as he came closer the sound got louder, its bones are popping with every move.

“My, my, my look what we have here, a little girl.” His voice sounding like a multitude of snakes.

I shook in fear wishing this world would disappear faster than it came. He stood across from me and his head jerked to a tilt and observed me intently. It drugged its nasty black finger up toward its face and scratched a piece of charred flesh off his face and as it fell it turned to ash.

“How in the world did you cross?” It looked at me closer with the biggest grin, teeth showing, droll going down its burned flesh. I swallowed hard. Then its grin began to fade. In a flash it was around me grabbing my hair and inhaling deeply as it circled me closely like an animal on the hunt. I murmured in fear holding my breath hoping it will step away. Its grin dropped and it circled around me back to my face.

“Well, well, well looks like God decided to change the game.” I looked at it in confusion and mustered all the courage I had left and opened my mouth.

“I want my mom and I want to go home.”
It came closer and breathed in my face and chuckled.

“Oh my dear you’re not going anywhere because I’m going to be the lucky one and get rid of God’s new weapon before he can even use it.”

It grabbed me by the throat with his nasty finger that smelled like the sulfur of the place it must dwell. My vison blurred and my throat turned into a raging fire. I began kicking frantically; this was the end I wasn’t making it out. Then the deformed silhouettes arose groaning, which their groans turned to whispers and then their whispers to words.

“Take her to him.”
It rolled his eyes back far in his head and dropped me on the floor and turned out towards the crowd. I clutched my throat for relief of the fresh air.

“You fools don’t you see I should get the glory not him.” It angrily yelled to the crowd around us. It then turned and glared at me.

“You ruined everything!”

All I knew to do is scream, but instead of a scream came out a beautiful call and then in an instant a light broke the force of the crowd around me. In the bright light I saw the Father reaching out calling my name. I made a run for it when the creature stopped me in my tracks and before me stood my beautiful mother, happier and healthier than ever. Her brown curly hair cascaded down her side and she was wearing the night gown I saw her in last but it was clean and neat as if just freshly washed. Her face wasn’t tired from stress, lack of sleep or illness.

“Don’t go baby girl, stay.”


I started to cry. I started to reach for her hand but before I could my nightmare unfolded in front of me
again. I felt the light pulling me back so I just took off past the creature and fled.

When back in reality Father was standing beside me shocked in bewilderment. He has experienced something but hadn’t figured how yet. As I got up off the floor in my mother’s room I heard my mother growl in the corner above. It still possessed her. I looked at my mother and saw it wasn’t her anymore. The bruises and scratches all along her arms, her matted hair and broken body all pointed to the signs I wasn’t going to get her back and I knew then at that moment my mother was gone. Still clinging to corner ceiling finally the demon spoke,

“If I can’t have you then your mother shall never see the light of day and I’m taking her soul with me to hell!”
Father quickly got to his feet once more, “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I command you to leave this place!”

My mother’s head laughed then viciously cocked to the side, “As you wish.” Within seconds my mother’s head did a 180 and snapped, she fell to the floor with the loudest thud. My mom she’s gone just like that the demon took away everything from me. That’s when I learned hate. Now I fight with a vengeance.

The conference finished so Father and I went back to study to start preparing to fight this demon. He’ll only resurface when he has possession of another vessel. Unfortunately I can’t just cross into the demons realm with just Father reciting words from a book. I also need the demon present because it in fact is the one that makes the portal appear because it needs it to cross into our realm in order to step into the vessel. And even after being able to defeat the demon and step into its world I can’t aimlessly walk around, one because I’m like a celebrity down there and two for the reason that there is no sense of navigation no North, South, East, or West. Father and I believe it’s due to the fact that the realm in which the demons live is constantly morphing.

I stood up viewing the rows and rows of books I had to choose from to start studying my enemy but there was always one book that seemed to have all the information I needed. “De Dcemone Intra,” The Demon Within. I first picked up this book when I was fifteen. I was going up and down the ales trying to find information on the lust demon I was going to face later that week, when I stumbled across this book buried in the back shelf of the study. At first I picked it up because of the title and how old it look, but upon opening the book dirt and dust fell out of the spin and when I looked closer I became aware of the hand written notes in the book as well.

The church has no idea where it came from, it was never cataloged. Till this day we have no account of where it came from, all we know is this book was the answer to shortening study hours and valuable information. It gives you type of demon strengths and weaknesses also origin of demon. The only clue the book gives us is its signed “VS”.
I grabbed the book and started studying while Father watches the tape over and over again. We always go through the tapes there is constantly something that gives the demon away. Finally after an hour of gluing my face to the book Father gets a break. He rolls back the tapes the part where the demon is almost physically crossing into our plan through the vessel.

“As you can see here as his skin is ripping you can see a symbol.” He points at the symbol.

“It’s a vengeance demon. The symbol is Hebrew for revenge.”

“Very good Angeline I taught you well.” Father sat back with a grin on his face.

“What?” I looked at him wondering why on earth he looked so cheesy.

“Nothing you’ve just grown into a wonderful young woman. Plus sister Agatha made a bet with me when I decided to foster you that I wouldn’t be able to make it till you were twenty one, I’ll be cashing in soon.” He winked at me and went back to rolling the tapes. I didn’t realize I would be twenty one soon where the time go.

I walked back to the table back to the book and looked up the vengeance demon. Demons have specific symbols to each one, we’ve never came across identical symbols so were guessing it never happens. I kept flipping through pages when finally I found my demon. Type: Vengeance. Strengths: Hallucinations and trickery. Weaknesses: Unknown. Wait weaknesses unknown, there was a note in the margin,


Back to square one.


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