I was in the passenger seat of a silver sedan. My sister driving at the wheel. Crossing intersection Pine and Hoover. The rain just stopped leaving the droplets of water like little crystals all over my altered view of the world. We were talking about the song on the radio well more so the band Rise Against. Then as the world started to slow I saw the non-stopping approaching car about to ram us on our right. Everything slowing down but me. I’m the only one aware of the situation. I look at my sister and back at the oncoming car still with enough time to think, how can I see this coming?

The car finally makes contact with the right side passenger door sending the car spiraling to our left. As we spin I see every piece of glass and debris flying through the car. I hear nothing just silence. My sister’s head slams into the side. I again have enough time to catch the 1-800 Got Junk coming toward our sedan again sending us turning the other way. Trying to understand why I am to interpret everything going on stuns me.

I start to see a flash when my sister and I were kids. She’s wearing a pink dress sun shining behind her. She smiles at me and giggles. “Come on sissy lets twirl.” She grabbed me by my arms and we started spinning.

My mind flashes back to the present. I see my sister’s face in confusion and eyes shut tight her hair slowly covering her face. When I turn and look out the smashed windshield I see a piece of metal piping aimed at the driver side. Without seconds thought I am taking my seat belt of and wrapping her in an embrace. I hear a crash. All the breath comes out of me making the only sound I hear. Realizing everything has stopped. Everything dropped to the ground and sound enters my ears as I heard everything smash against the surface.

Looking down at the metallic pipe my blood starts to run down the pipe.
I look back at my sister. She’s in shocks starts to go for the pipe protruding out my front chest. Pain filled the metal void in my chest. I screamed and she put her bloody hands on my face and begins to cry as she starts to realize the tragedy that has unfolded. I look at her and stutter “I”

“Oh my god I love this song. So good.” I heard my sister’s voice coming from beside me. I look Pine and Hoover. Our light turns green.
She slams on the breaks. Smash! Cars start spiraling and the 1-800- Got Junk is everywhere. We sat there watching on of the worst wrecks unfold in front of us. My breathing stops. My sister looks at me in disbelief then a curtailing scream comes out of her mouth. I look down. A metal pipe was sticking out of my chest. The blood ran down and of the pipe and I hear the drops land on the tip of my shoe. I looked towards my sister, “I” Dark. Just dark.


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