My Beast
I was on my way back from walking my dog and he was standing at my door hands in his jean pockets wearing his classic black tee. I didn’t know whether to ignore him or not. I noticed I was not at all appealing. My hair was thrown up and I had run with my dog so much sweat started to show through my sports bra. Great. My cheeks were red and make up hardly even on. I just started at him and looked straight into his beautiful blue eyes in the distance. Finally stepping forward I walked past him to open my door. I turned around and he was standing at my door looking straight at me. I gave him the look to enter.

   Setting my keys in the bowl on my foyer table I bent down to unleash my dog. After setting the leash on the table I turned around and found him a few inches from me. I looked at him in confusion and realized I was holding my breath.

   I slowly let out my breath and saw him staring at me again. He reached out one hand and touched my elbow and leaned in little closer still looking at me and then raised his other hand gently stroking my cheek. His eyes say it all. I let him come a little closer his lips almost touching mine. I smirked and he raised his eyebrows in competition and I pushed him up against the wall. He stumbled a bit in shock I had denied him. I started to walk away further down the hall and he grabbed me by the arm. I turned back with fierce so strong surprise flashed across his face. Dropping my arm he crossed his toned big arms looked side to side in disbelief then lifted his head to look at me and gave me a smirk and lifted his eyebrows at me.

   Oh shit I know that look and the body language I better start to run. I turned around as quick as possible and tried to put distance and any objects between our two raging bodies. I made it in front of the couch and he was behind it. If I stepped back I would run into my coffee table and he’ll catch me no matter which way I run. Damn his long arms. He had both hands width apart and crouched down looking as ready to pounce. He noticing my predicament he raised a shoulder and eyebrow as to signal questioning me give up. I shook my head and smiled and thought never. Before I knew it he hopped over the couch grabbed me and tackled me onto the couch. I went down with a shrill and a slight giggle. His body lay on top of mine, hair covering my face. He gently removes the hair out of my face and he has the biggest and beautiful smile as I open my eyes. I smile back in return.

   I start to realize I am losing and he’s slightly opening my Pandora’s Box. He was going to release my beast and I knew he could. I quickly gave a shove and wiggled out from under him. I started to run but he caught me by my waist and he turned me around he threw me over his shoulders. I started hitting his back making him flinch but he didn’t buckle. How dare he I thought as he walked through my bedroom door. He slammed me on the bed like a WWE fighter. My body bounced off and back on my bed.

   I sat up staring at him with a glare. He gave a shiny white smile and then proceeded to run and slam nearly on top of me. I believe he’s trying to crush me to death. That is when he grabs my arms and pins them above my head. I can feel his heart beating against my chest as he’s laid across me. He lightly starts kissing my neck quickly making me wince then he starts to nibble then for the home run, his first bite and just like that he unlocks my Pandora’s Box, giving my will a whole new ecstasy and the endurance to continue to be liberated.

   After the sun was setting and the last of the sun’s rays were coming through my window, I just turned to him lying in his arms taking his scent and every last freedom he gave me in this time. I turned and looked him and saw all our memories together and the way he knows my being. He makes my creature wild and free, anticipating my every want, need, and desire. He reads my eyes as I search his soul looking and calming his beast in return.

   But that is the curse of being a beast always ending up alone because being a beast makes you always want to be free and uncultivated on the open road. Realizing the truth behind our matter I gave him one last kiss slipped away out of my bed. Wrapped in my sheets standing at my bathroom door I turn around at him give one last smile. He gives me one in return telling me everything I need to know with just his blue deep tortured eyes. I close the door on him and the lid on my Pandora’s box putting back my beast, knowing he’ll be gone when I open the door again.



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