As his Latin words fell over me like a warm blanket on a summer’s night, the world started to fade and a darker one took its place. I stepped forth from out of the darkness and stumped to find grass below my feet instead of the stone I’m used to. But instead of green grass the blades where black. I knelt down plucking a blade and as I did it turned to ash falling between my fingers.

As I lifted my foot I realized the grass had promptly died leaving a pile of dust in its place. I looked around weary of this new element I’ve come across. I hastily scanned the horizon but only fog circled me. Quickly realizing he must be lying in the wake waiting to make his move or just there to taunt me.

I took my holy water and decided to make a barrier around me to at least give me some kind of protection. I unscrewed the cap off the bottle and made a ring of holy water around me. Which then burst into flames sending me aback and ducking, covering my face for cover, as a wall of fire surrounded me. Shit.

Remembering I placed my right hand on the ground in front of me and focused my energy toward my right cuff. It began to glow a luminescent blue and an icy freeze spread out from underneath my hand on the ground and traveled around me dowsing the flames surrounding me. Eternally grateful for my cuffs I stood up and scanned three-sixty around me. He’s close I could feel him.

“Hehehe.” I heard from my right. I quickly spun around to see shifted fog in my view.

“Over here. Hehe.” I spun to my left.

“Enough games.” I got in my stance placed my hand on the grip of my sword tightened my grip and closed my eyes. I faded all noise around me to only her my own breath. Then all I heard was my heartbeat. It was so loud; I slowed it to quiet all my surroundings. Silence. One, there was a shift on my left made my left pinky twitch. Two, I felt the air go by the nape of my neck. Three he was on my right.

“Humph.” I smirked took a breath and as I heard my heart beat again my sword was drawn and resting at the center of his throat. I opened my eyes and looked to my right the demon frozen in its tracks. Then his nostrils flared. Uh oh I pissed him off. His eyes once white where filling with a black cloud.
Anticipating his attack I severed his right arm clean off his shoulder. Hearing a deep muffled cry I turned back and squinted and this demon in front of me taking him in for the first time I realized he had a body of a very hairy human but must have been at least seven feet tall with the worst under bite not even the best dentist in the world could fix and two horns on the top of his head one sharpened to a point the other one looked like it had been broken off. He made a fierce deep growl. That growl doesn’t match the taunting from before. Is there another one? I swiftly skimmed the vanishing point. I didn’t see or sense anyone else.

The demon picked up its severed arm off the ground and with his black snake like tongue licked the severed side of the arm and stuck it back on and to my amusement his arm regenerated.

“This’ll be fun.” Forcefully I jumped towards him targeting disuniting the arm he just regenerated but I missed and just sliced a couple of his fingers off. Running towards him again I kicked in his left knee using his bent knee as a step and chopped off his arm as he tried to grab me off him. But I wasn’t fast enough for his left hand because he grabbed me by my back with his massive hands. He threw me down but as I was falling I caught he left knee with my sword cutting his left leg off making him stumble towards me and brought his shoulders to perfect level to jump on. I stood quickly as the demon went down and got on his shoulders about to decapitate the beast when…

“Wait! Ah Please.” I heard a shrill shriek followed by a short sob come from the demons back.

“He’s my ride.” I hopped off the demon and went around back to find a one eyed ugly charred demon with the body as of an oven roasted chicken with a missing leg morphed into the back of this bigger demon.

“Ewe. You’re gross. What are you?” I said with a matter of fact tone.

“Oh yes like you’re any more appealing, you and your nasty flesh.” I raised my eyebrows shocked by his sudden attitude change especially with someone who holds your life in their hands.

“Sorry.” It’s voice squeaky and scratchy like he’s been a smoker all his life.

“Talk what are you?”

“I’m a night crawler, I feed off of nightmares. Or I was till I got stuck in the crossfire of a cross and a preacher. Never trust a greed demon. Now I am this having to catch a ride on a barbaric demon. Some of the dumbest demons but their strong and if you feed them you pretty much control them and they don’t seem to care” The barbaric demon huffed real loud as to acknowledge what was being said or to object, to which I wasn’t quite sure.

“So you’re not the demon I’m after are you?”

“Right you are.” He smiled revealing no teeth at all.

“Do you know where I can find the girl? I’m sure there’s been talk.”

“I believe he took her to the main lands.”

“That’s not possible.”

“Oh but it is. We never had to order our meals to-go till you came around.” I snarled at him disgusted by his vulgar manner. I unscrewed my bottle and splashed holy water across his face. I heard the sizzle and saw the steam rise across his face. He squirmed

“Ah you bitch. That burns.”

“You will think twice about how you talk around me. Now tell me what I need to know”

“You know very well I can point you in the right direction but we both know that will do you no good. “ Damn the little shit was right. What was I to do? I had no way around this place and it was too close of a call last time.
“I need a new pair of legs and you need a guide. You help me and I’ll help you.” He stared more intently at me with his one eye. Left with little option
“How do I help you get legs?”

“Just one strand of your raven black hair.”

“A strand of my hair, that’s it?” I was skeptical.

“That’s it.” I contemplated my options, if Rebecca is left to long in this realm she go mad and I’ll only bring back the shell of a person. My time was running out she’d already been here long enough and who knows how long she’s been in the main land.

“Fine, but you must swear to me you’ll not intentionally lead me or Rebecca to harm or I’ll strike you down without a moment’s hesitation.” I put my sword back in its holster across my back and reached up and pulled a strand of my hair out of my head.

“I swear. Now drop it in my mouth.” He gapped his mouth open and I dangled my one strand over his black whole and released and he sucked it up like a vacuum. Then as if air filled his stomach like a balloon I thought the demon was going to explode but instead black feathers protruded from his giving him ruffled and mangy looking feathers. His charred face shaking violently morphed a black beak with a scar across the left side. And still his one eye remained unchanged. As his wings took form his body started to peel off the barbaric demon not phasing the demon in the least. Then I stretched out my arm and a now two feet mangled raven rested on my arm. I looked down and realized he didn’t grow a new leg either but the creature didn’t seem bothered by it for he still seemed agile as ever.

“What about the barbaric demon?”

“Worried about a demon the raven cooed?” If I wasn’t forced to stay stone cold I would have blushed.

“No just wanted to know if I should finish him off?”

“Leave him. He’ll need time to regenerate then he’ll go find his clan again” The raven looked straight ahead now.

“Caring for another demon?” His feathers ruffled even more in response.

“I’ll fly ahead and check out a route.” He was about to take off.

“Wait what shall I call you?”

“Akito.” I nodded my head and he took off disappearing into the fog.

                             .the cross


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