I opened my eyes and saw that my alarm clock stated 9:30am. There is no way I should be up this early especially not after last night. My hangover was in full rage banging against my skull. Need water. I scratched my head then rubbed my eyes then stretched my arms to reach the other side of my bed and roll over when suddenly I hit something. That is when I saw him laying across the bed next to me and I let out a surprised scream and quickly covered my mouth when I realized I could possibly wake him.
Being the “curious” one I am to see what kind of goods I brought back home. I took a glance over his nicely broad fit shoulders and worked my way down his back side. I noticed a couple slash scars on his back but didn’t think anything of it. It’s kind of sexy. I raised an eyebrow when I noticed he had a nice ass that was supported by his nice athletic legs.
This is when I realized the man laying next to me didn’t make a move when I screamed and then doesn’t appear to be breathing.
“Oh God please no.” I quickly poked him in his shoulder but got no response. And since I didn’t take CPR and skipped most of health class I have no idea how in the world to properly check his pulse. So I stick my finger under his nose, just like I use to with my little brother when we challenge each other to holding our breath competitions. I’d win every time, I cheated though. No air came out of his nose. So I shook him.
“Hey. Hey.” I said in his ear again no response. I am 99.9% sure that man is dead. I quickly flipped out of my bed and across the room when I saw the pool of blood forming from under his head. That is when I looked across the room I saw my reflection in the mirror and saw I had something all over my pink satin night gown. I looked down and saw my dress. Blood streaked right down the middle. I being the one to flip out quickly bent over threw off the dress and threw it across the room. I screamed and jumped back when I saw my own reflection in the mirror, not because I was butt ass naked but because all that was happening was over whelming.
I quickly needed to find something to wear. I saw my robe hanging on the bathroom door, quickly grabbed it and tied it around me. When I finally calmed down enough to catch my breath I had to think what I was going to do. I’m going to have to call the cops but I’m going to be their number one suspect. Not to mention I just threw incriminating evidence across the room. Way to be an idiot. Maybe I should check his pockets to see if he has any I.D. As I scrambled to look for his jeans I found them hanging on the hook in the bathroom. “What an odd place to put a pair of pants.” But wait I was drunk. Things always end up where they shouldn’t be all the time. Like the one time I found my bra on my side mirror on my car or the time my friend’s car ended on the roof of a ten story building. Don’t ask how it got there, because to this day we don’t either.
I found nothing in his pants not even lint. This guy had nothing to identify him with. I guess I should call the cops. I ran past the dead body on my bed and ran out my bedroom door and slammed the door behind me. Call me paranoid but I have seen way to many zombie movies to leave a “dead” body in close proximity and not have a way to keep it in a closed area. I quickly went downstairs to my kitchen picked my house phone up and dialed 911.
“911. What’s your emergency?”
“Hi. Um yes my name is June Russell I live at 1760 N Fern Rd, Seattle WA, 98146. And there is dead man in my room and I don’t know how he got there.”
“Okay ma’am the police are on their way.”
When the police showed up I had coffee in my hands and had slipped on jeans and a tank top I found semi clean in my washing room. I was not going back up to the dead body.
“Officer Dan Walsh.” He stuck out his hand to me and I took it. He was a tall handsome guy maybe early thirties, strong body that you could clearly see through his fitted uniform. He wore the stereotypical aviators but they suited his square jaw and five ‘clock shadow. Couldn’t tell you about his eyes because he had yet to remove his shades. Another officer walked in behind, older fellow and not as fit. Didn’t care too much to ask me any questions. He just stood back towards the front door.
“Now the body is in your room?” He asked me.
“Yes.” I said quietly like I couldn’t catch my voice.
He turned behind him and nodded at his partner and pointed upstairs that’s when the officer started walking up my stairs when I said,
“It’s the second room on your right.” The officer nodded and kept on climbing. I gave back my attention to the officer in front of me.
“Now Miss Russell can you give me any clue how this could have happened?” I looked at him took a deep breath put down my coffee rubbed my head and look up at the ceiling trying to remember. I looked back at him in deep thought and then threw up my hands.
“I’ve got nothing. All I remember we were going out for a co- workers birthday Sherri, and the last thing I was talking to my friend Christy about the man checking her out at the other end of the bar.”
“Do you recognize the man in your room at all? No one you were seeing or talking to?” I took a moment to try and think but it only gave me the harsh reminder of the terrible hangover I have.
“I’m sorry no.” That’s when the officer upstairs yelled,
“Walsh. I think you need to come see this.”
My heart stopped for a second as to wonder what could be so urgent. Officer Walsh ran up the stairs and I followed when I got to the door I saw the other officer standing over the man’s body.
“It’s Anthony Lorenzo.” Walsh had a shocked look on his face.
“The mafia boss?”
“That’s the one.” He replied.
That’s when both cops and turned to look at me.
“How do you know Anthony Lorenzo?”
I just looked at him in shock and confusion. How did I know him? Oh my lord what happened last night?


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