The Slit

“Don’t mistake my calmness in this chaotic world for not caring.  I am a patient woman Mr. Reed.”  She said looking over at me from the cup of tea she just fixed herself and sat in the armchair across from me.

“I observe.” She smiled. “I wait till I have the capability to look in the hearts of men before me. And after looking in, in most cases I pity man. For I see their suffering and most of the time it’s self inflicted. Man has enslaved themselves.

She paused briefly to sip her tea. Crossing her legs I couldn’t help notice the slit exposing her toned and slender legs.

“But I am a woman who doesn’t believe in the chains of my emotions nor can they tie me down. Some people claim I am without emotion but that’s simply not true. I simply don’t react because I know by the time I react the situation has changed.  I don’t allow my minds predicaments to faultier my judgment.”

She looked at me to see if I was following then continued.

“I am intense in how I love whole heartedly, but not often for I found I am sometimes vulnerable. But my love for others is strong, so much so I believe I have already loved and been loved than most soul’s that have crossed and perished from this world. Most leave never knowing what it is to love or be loved.

Biting her bottom lip she became deep in thought and I saw the wheels in her mind’s eye questioning the vulnerability she feels now with me.  She snapped back quickly realizing I had caught her in thought, a beautiful thing I must say.

“I don’t explain myself to many men Mr. Reed. My thoughts are constantly changing.  I am constantly trying to find a new and better way of thinking, because there is always another way.”  Her eyes, ever as bright as the fighting spirit she now displayed before me. The warrior of compassion and truth.

“So that’s what you are.” I whispered in awe.


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