Emotions Past

“Silly little girl, you actually thought I loved you.”

He said it right to my face. I felt nothing. I looked up at him and smiled.

“I’m sorry sir, but I never thought such a thing. I thought you hated me. That my very presence made you cringe. You tried everything to make sure to stay away. I thought the sound of my voice  suffocated your spirit. And I thought my eyes made you feel like I was damning your soul.”

“Were you?”

“Of course.”


“Because the moment I met you I wanted you. And I want for nothing. I hated myself for it, so naturally I let the emotions go and began to feel nothing towards you. But every now and again I would slip so I had to make sure you’d hate me. But I’d admit I only was damning your soul because in the reflection of your paralyzing eyes I was in turn damning mine.”


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