Oh My Love

Oh my love how I long for your heart.
How I long to strip the veil between.

Oh my love where did you take off to?
You left me forlorn.

Oh my love I still hear the voices, I still hear them in the dark.
Just behind me the lights fading, it’s going out.
Oh my love why do they weigh me down?

Why do I feel so gone but yet so near?
Its like you’re just in my reach.
If only you could wipe the tears.

This dark solitude.
My hour glass sand is running out.
Why can’t you hear me scream and shout.

I race through a endless void hoping your at the other end.
Out of breath and out of heart
To see you not in the bend.

Oh my love I tried, I tried so hard.
I waited and I ran but all the doors were shut.
I pounded and cried till I was spent.
The voices still call and I might repent.

Oh my love,
My will is fading and I fear there is no more waiting.
Don’t hate me I plead.
Don’t hate me for not staying.
So instead I will fade like flesh and bones in the flames.


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