Constantly Watching

I constantly watch my stats to see how many people actually look at my stuff, which by the way I had no idea you could know till I made a WordPress. So that blew my mind.

Anyway, I have 8 visitors so far today!!!! This excites me and yes I know It’s a small amount compared to most people but I don’t care. And I am so grateful for all of you 8 fabulous and wonderful people! 🙂 And to future viewers as well I am so grateful! Most people who know me know I am not good with social networking or keeping up to date with what’s the latest or the apps and games. Unless its video games then I’m like yes! But not with the technology that comes with gaming. Like apparently there’s this thing called twitch and I can stream playing Resident Evil 4 to like anyone who wants to watch. I’ve seen the app but never bothered to look into it. Is app even the proper term in describing twitch?  I don’t know either way you see my point. So I do apologize for not having a better laid out blog and more creative and colorful one. Believe me I have better ideas but with doing that requires money which is something like many of us lack or don’t have a surplus of so saving up it is. But I couldn’t wait to share my stories so hence the not so great blog creatively.

There are so many opportunities that I can do its insane and so many more ideas and things I want to do and try. Well again thank you so much for your support and views!


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