Who knew blogging was going to be complicated. It seems easy to just pour out whatever is on your mind, but not me. I have kept these thoughts and stories locked up for so long it’s almost as if letting them go gives the world an open map to my heart.  And that my friends is dilemma. That and the fact you have twenty-one million things you can do with your blog it even makes me dizzy and overwhelmed.

Sharing your mind puts you out there, vulnerable at least how that’s how I see it. Because with every post I write I fear it falls on deaf ears or in this case blind eyes to read.Or fear that putting to much of yourself out there makes you the perfect target. Fear or maybe it’s just hesitation before taking that big plunge. Most people jump right in I’m the one that stands there let’s the suckers go first and contemplate it a lot. Stands at the edge looks below, back up again and repeat till finally I take the leap. I’m not a baby or never take risks I do them all the time it’s just I like too be 110% I’m taking the right step because then I’m not going to put my self in it all the way. I won’t enjoy my leap and I want to feel ever ounce of that rush when I take the next jump.

Would it be so bad to just get peace out of writing and putting meaning into something weather people see it or not because it makes me happy.  Who cares if anyone sees it, it was done and that’s what counts. Most famous painters and inventors weren’t rewarded or honored till usually after their deaths. Most actually die alone, poor and miserable. And haven’t the best geniuses always been found just a little to late?

The only thing that makes me sad is I’ll have no one to share what I see. Because what I see makes me feel so much and I believe everyone should be able to feel beauty as well as see it. Would it not be an amazing thrill?

But I’ll write on regardless because, every story is a piece of me and with every page I lay out the woman I want to be.


One thought on “Blogging…

  1. Your stories are great you have a natural talent when it comes to writing I know you will b awesome at whatever you come up with your an amazing person


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