When the Body-You’re-Born-With is Never Enough

A view from a different generation is quite insightful.


by Mindy Leaf

At first, I think he’s joking. The smiling young man at the Free Thinkers Meetup suggests I touch, then push hard against the pad of his finger—so I can feel the magnetic chip beneath the skin. “It’s the stronger of the two,” he explains nonchalantly, implanted a few months ago. He points to his other biohacked finger, recent recipient of a weaker but “more sensitive chip” that’s still healing, and so not to be prodded for now.

I do feel something a bit hard in the finger pad (random fatty deposit perhaps? a wart?) but then laughingly pick up my coffee spoon (stainless steel, of course) to see if it will actually stick to a human digit-magnet. And you know something? It does. Weakly, but definitely “sticky,” and then he pulls out a light chain which simply hangs off the tip of his index finger. “That’s me…

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